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Exhausting, never-ending job of debunking antisemitic conspiracy theories

Opinion: While modern antisemitism may be less blatant than how it used to be, people today use conspiracy theories and tall tales to make Jews be seen in a negative light, but in a more subtle and cunning manner

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Elder Of Ziyon - When is an Antisemite not an Antisemite? When it’s Dave Chappelle Defending His Antisemitic Friends

Chappelle spouted antisemitic tropes to defend his antisemitic friends, and even hid the fact he was going to do so from Lorne Michaels.

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Dave Chappelle and normalizing black antisemitism

The comedian is right that we need to stop trying to cancel and fire those who say offensive things. But his SNL monologue ignored the truth about a major source of hate.

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Dave Chappelle: 'Not a crazy thing to think' that Jews run Hollywood

"The list of demands to get back in their [the NBA] good graces got longer and longer," said Chappelle in his monologue.

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Dave Chappelle monologue disappoints on 'Saturday Night Live'

Chappelle's monologue seemed filled with justification and minimization.