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Elder Of Ziyon - 67% of Democrats think there was once an independent Arab state called "Palestine." The more people know, the more they support Israel.

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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Group steers Swiss billionaire's money to liberal causes | AP News

The Berger Action Fund is a nondescript name for a group with a rather specific purpose: steering the wealth of a Swiss billionaire, Hansjörg Wyss, into the world of American politics and policy. As a foreign national, Wyss is prohibited from donating dir

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New poll reveals rising antisemitism in the Democrat party

One of my favorite pastimes is reading the Facebook feed of an extremely nice man I know who is both an ardent Democrat and an ardent Israel supporter. For several years now, he’s been trapped in a state of cognitive dissonance, trying to squar...

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Are the Democrats Becoming a Fascist Party?

Covid may be mutating into a kinder, gentler form, but there is nothing kind or gentle about the measures that Democrats are prepared to impose on those who disagree with them. Rasmussen finds these shocking numbers: * 59% of Democrats favor legislation t

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The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party

Did you know that the Democratic Party defended slavery, started the Civil War, founded the KKK, and fought against every major civil rights act in U.S. history? Watch as Carol Swain, professor of political science at Vanderbilt University, shares the inc

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Is Fascism Right Or Left?

Every Republican president since the 1970s has been called a fascist. Ironic, no? After all, fascism has its roots in the left. Dinesh D'Souza, author of The...

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‘Hope Dems run on this’! Ca. Dem Party regional director says rural white Americans are just ‘not grateful enough’; UPDA

"This thread is a perfect example of why Democrats aren't winning anytime soon."

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This is not your father’s Democratic Party: Debate shows how leftward it has moved - Los Angeles Times

The kickoff of two nights of Democratic presidential candidate debates marks the start of a new phase of the campaign.