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The great realignment

Even small inroads with Hispanic voters could tip a number of Democratic-held swing seats to the GOP.

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Trump Gains With Hispanic Voters Nothing Short of Startling

some Hispanic vote experts are declaring "there's no such thing as a Latino vote" after 2020.

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Demographics and the American Prospect – American Greatness

In the summer of 2018, journalist Vivian Yee amused herself with the thought that Orange Country, California, was once an agricultural, “conservative (think Richard Nixon and the John Birch Society) and white (very, very white),” slice of America. But “Ch

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Gallup: Americans Still Greatly Overestimate U.S. Gay Population, And Here Are Some Possible Reasons Why | Daily Wire

A new Gallup study released Thursday found that Americans continue to overestimate the percentage of the population that identifies as gay or lesbian, and they do so at a rate of about five times

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The future of the GOP looks a lot like this fast-growing community in Florida

Will Trump get re-elected in 2020? It could come down to America’s most reliable voters: baby boomers

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Democratic, Republican voter bases are more different than ever, study finds | Politics | bozemandailychronicle.com

WASHINGTON — Drop into a political gathering almost anywhere in America, and you can usually name the party just by looking: Democrats increasingly reflect the racially mixed demographics of the

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Social Media Analytics Reveal 2014 Holiday Shopping Trends and Insights

While recovering from the holiday rush, retailers can look back at this season’s trends to discover new ways to fuel customer engagement and drive loyalty in the next year. Using real-time analytics, SAP uncovered a wealth of insights about con

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Table For One? Winners And Losers in the Cat Lady Economy

More than one quarter of the U.S. population lives alone. Per the latest census, single-person households are now the single largest segment of the U.S. population.  This is a first. What a dramatic change from a little more than 30 years ago when on