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The ‘Mary Poppins of Disinformation’ Inadvertently Spills the Truth About What the Board Was Going to Do

Nina Jankowicz, who was up until recently supposed to become chief of the Disinformation Governance Board, can’t seem to stop herself from stepping on rakes.

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Disinformation Diva Nina Jankowicz Spread Alfa Bank Hoax Before 2016 Election

Nina Jankowicz, head of the disinformation board, spread the Alfa Bank hoax that is currently at the heart of the Durham investigation.

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Backlash Over Biden's 'Disinformation Board' Grows

Backlash is continuing to build over the formation of a "Disinformation Governance Board" within the Department of Homeland Security as 20 GOP attorneys general

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Disinfo Board Chief ‘Shudders’ At Thought of ‘Free Speech Absolutists Taking Over More Platforms’

The “Mary Poppins of disinformation,” as Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board chief calls herself, has shown us how she regards the freedom of speech.

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Biden’s New Disinfo Chief Had A Problem With Executive Control Of ‘Truth’ When Trump Was In Charge

Nina Jankowicz is set to become the first head of President Joe Biden’s newly-announced Disinformation Governance Board — but video from just two years ago suggests that she was uncomfortable with the executive branch having that kind of power over free speech when another political party was in power.