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‘Becoming Led Zeppelin’ Doc Acquired for Theatrical Release by Sony Classics, With Footage Added Since Festival Premiere

Rock doc 'Becoming Led Zeppelin,' which had a rough-cut festival screening three years ago, has been fleshed out and picked up by Sony Classics.

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Settling The Facts: A Deeper Look At Israeli Settlements DOCUMENTARY

Settling The Facts: A Deeper Look At Israeli Settlements DOCUMENTARY If you’ve ever looked at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one of the words that comes up sooner or later is “settlements”. In this groundbreaking documentary, Roger Wa

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‘First To the Moon’: Documentary Commemorates Apollo 8, First Flight to Leave Earth Orbit – PJ Media

Apollo 11 was the epitome of a world-defining event. Everybody who was alive in 1969 remembers Neil Armstrong saying, “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” Similarly, the ne...

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The 78 Best Documentaries of All Time | Vogue

Here is a list of the best documentaries ever made, from the likes of Errol Morris and Orson Welles, Laura Poitras and Les Blank.

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'Elstree 1976' Trailer: Meet 10 Who Were There When 'Star Wars' Was Born

Documentary focuses on the unsung heroes of the first film, who took an unexceptional gig for a sci-fi film--then watched it grow into a multi-generational, global phenomenon

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'Last Man on the Moon' Documentary Brings Space Exploration Home

"Last Man on the Moon," a documentary about the life and experiences of former astronaut Eugene Cernan, drives home the reasons for humanity's pursuit of the stars.

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History of the Eagles Trailer

The music made them...then tore them apart. Learn the real History of the Eagles, Saturday at 8pm on CNN.

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Ed Sabol, founder of NFL Films, dies at 98

He borrowed from Hollywood epics for his documentaries, and became a filmmaking influence himself.