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38 Times Dogs Deserved Only The Best Dog Houses And People Accepted The Challenge

Just like people, dogs need a safe and comfortable space for a healthy and happy life.

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5 Tips for Safely Walking Your Dog in Cold Weather

It's important to have the right gear to keep your dog warm, and to know when it's too cold to walk your dog outside.

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What to do when your reactive dog barks and lunges, according to an expert trainer

If your dog reacts to certain triggers when you're out and about, try this trainer's simple tips for a calmer stroll...

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This Is The Secret To Helping An Anxious Dog Feel Calmer At Home, According To My Veterinarian

This Adaptil diffuser emits dog-appeasing pheromones to help relieve some anxiety in dogs due to separation, fireworks and more.

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6 Effective Ways to Stop a Dog From Digging Holes

Get expert advice from vets and trainers to find out why dogs dig and how to stop them from digging holes in your yard.

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10 ways to calm your dog during a thunderstorm

If the news of a forecasted or unexpected thunderstorm brings out panic in you because your dog is terrified, you are not alone

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Trainer reveals six tips for a better behaved dog — and it all comes down to structure

Get the best out of your dog with these trainer-approved tips that will help your dog feel calm and settled

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Guy Sets Up Hidden Camera To Catch Dog’s Hilarious New Nighttime Routine

Nala loves making her dad happy, and when she learned a new trick that he absolutely loved, she refused to stop doing it.

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Video Captures The Moment A Dog Sees For The First Time After Cataract Surgery

The dog had been suffering from cataracts for at least 3 years, making him nearly blind prior to surgery.

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How To Teach Your Dog 3 Basic Commands

Looking to train your puppy with basic dog commands? Here are step-by-step instructions for sit, down, stay and a bonus (paw).