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Florida first-grade teacher in tears over the devastating effect the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law will have on her

Is this teacher supposed to pretend she's single?

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Ron DeSantis Slams Leftists Lying About the Parental Rights Bill: ‘They Support Sexualizing Kids in Kindergarten’

Florida Gov. DeSantis made it clear that many leftists and activists are lying and "sloganeering" on the Parental Rights in Education act.

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is ‘horrified and outraged’ by the anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation just signed into law in Florida

Gov. Kate Brown assures us that sexuality is in the curriculum starting in kindergarten in Oregon.

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Florida’s Fictional ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Doesn’t Go Nearly Far Enough

The problem with Florida’s much derided “Don't Say Gay” bill is not just that the moniker is a complete lie. It’s that the bill so lambasted by Democrats and…

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The Truth About 'Don't Say Gay': How the Left Is Sexualizing Children

The left is lying about a bill that will prevent them from sexualizing kids in classrooms. Here’s why.

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Actor links passage of Florida’s ‘violent’ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill to the Pulse nightclub mass shooting

President Biden called the bill "hateful," and now it's "violent" as well.