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Yes, You Can Control Your Dreams: The Strange Science of Lucid Dreaming | Discover Magazine

Once dismissed as a new age fad, lucid dreaming has gained attention as a possible performance enhancer and therapeutic tool.

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Recovering from Quiet Quitting: Don’t let your career dreams die | Workplace Coach Blog

Recover from quiet quitting: don't let your career dreams die: how to move past when you're stuck working under a problem manager

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The fascinating neuroscience behind dreaming

Sleep is essential to our physiological and psychological well-being, as it allows us to recharge overnight in order to face a brand new day with our cognitive abilities intact. So, it seems that sleeping is necessary. But is dreaming? What even is a drea

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Scientists Talked To People In Their Dreams. They Answered : NPR

Scientists have found that two-way communication is possible with someone who is asleep and dreaming. Specifically, lucid dreaming — dreaming while being aware you're dreaming.

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Make Your Career Dream a Reality - Workplace Coach Blog

What are your career goals and dreams? Make them happen.

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California farmworker turned astronaut, Jose Hernandez, urges kids not to give up - ABC7 Los Angeles

Next year Netflix will begin production on a film about Jose Hernandez's life and journey into space.

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Your Insomnia and Sleep Symptoms Are Telling You Something | Dr. Dyan

Sleep symptoms are your unconscious giving you clues. Find out what it means to have insomnia vs fatigue vs. nightmares. Unlock the language of sleep.

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Dreams, nightmares, and how they connect us to ourselves | Dr. Dyan

Dreams and nightmares are broken down into 3 categories. Understand their purposes, how they guide us and then direct dreams to lead to healing and insight.

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Common Themes in Dreams About the Pandemic | Psychology Today

A few dreams show glimmers of hope for the future, although right now they are rare green shoots amid a dark and frightening dreamscape.

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Here's the Lowdown on Why We Dream

The science and secrets behind dreams and how they affect our sleep and waking moments.

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Here's How Déjà Vu Works

Feelings of déjà vu and premonition seem spooky, but when we understand the common tricks our memory plays on us, there’s nothing unusual about these experiences.

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A Top Sleep Scientist Shares the Nighttime Routine She Swears By

Cheri Mah, MS, MD is one of the most sought after sleep scientists in the sports world, consulting with Olympians and a growing list of professional teams including the Golden State Warriors. Here, Dr. Mah, a Physician Scientist at the University of Calif

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Understanding Reality: What Hallucinations Reveal - The Atlantic

Experiences like hearing voices are leading psychologists to question how all people perceive reality.

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weird dreams actually make sense (according to neuroscience and psychology)

Think of it as your brain’s version of throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks.

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Metaphors in Dreams | Psychology Today

Sometimes the strangest images in your dreams turn out to be amazingly creative metaphors, helping you understand the most important emotional experiences of your life.

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Recurring Nightmares Are 'Leftovers' From Unresolved Frustrations, Study Finds - Study Finds

A recent study finds that recurring nightmares may occur more often when we're facing challenges in real life.

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Study: Student Athletes Often Suffer Sleep Paralysis, Hallucinations In Bed - Study Finds

Despite the many health benefits associated with playing sports, a new study finds that student athletes are prone to sleep paralysis and dream-like hallucinations while waking up or falling asleep.

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What Is Sleep Paralysis, and How Do You Stop It?

Sleep paralysis is more common than you probably think — but that doesn’t make it any less scary. Here’s what causes it, and how to stop it.

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Brain zap can make people re-experience old dreams while awake | New Scientist

While déjà-vu is a false feeling of familiarity, déjà-rêvé is a rare experience of suddenly recalling a dream – and it can be sparked by zapping the brain

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Why Do We Need to Sleep?

At a shiny new lab in Japan, an international team of scientists is trying to figure out what puts us under.

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What Is Sleep? Latest Research & Treatments

Need to know more about What Is Sleep?? Find expert research & treatment advice from the American Sleep Association - Official Site.

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Sleep Hallucinations - Research & Treatments

Need to know more about Sleep Hallucinations? Find expert research & treatment advice from the American Sleep Association - Official Site.

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We’re in a ‘Dream Deprivation’ Epidemic

A new paper argues that a lack of dream sleep is a widespread public-health problem, one with dire implications for waking life.

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Scientists Can Now Tell If Someone Is Dreaming from Their Brain Waves

People who are in a deep slumber may not be able to say whether they're dreaming, but their brain waves may reveal it.

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Sleeping Through the Night Is a Relatively New Invention

Shorter chunks of shut-eye used to be more normal than one long, uninterrupted snooze.

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Why are dreams such potent vehicles for the supernatural?

The world’s great religions and spiritual journeys emerged from dreams and visions. Neurochemistry tells us how

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Follow Your Dreams

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Where Our Soul Goes When We Dream, According To Native Americans

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6 Ways You Can Put Your Dreams to Work for You | Psychology Today

Research shows that REM sleep integrates recent emotional memories by forming broad associations to past experience. Could your dreaming style steer the connections your mind makes during sleep?

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6 Ways You Can Put Your Dreams to Work for You

While you sleep, your brain is solving problems. Here's how to get the answers.