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Duolingo lays off staff as language learning app shifts toward AI

Educational technology app Duolingo laid off around 10% of its contractors as the company moves to rely more heavily on artificial intelligence, the company told CNN Tuesday.

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What Is the Duolingo Teaching Method?

Duolingo makes learning fun and effective, and it's driven by serious science! This is how Duolingo develops engaging courses based on research.

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Duolingo is probably a better Alzheimer’s treatment than the newest breakthrough drug

Numerous studies have shown that bilingualism is incredibly effective at warding off the debilitating symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

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The Amazing Ways Duolingo Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Deliver Free Language Learning

When it's time to learn a new language, Duolingo offers a fun, interactive learning experience through its cross-platform app that's powered by artificial intelligence (AI).