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Egypt denies Israeli request for greater oversight on Gaza borders

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said on Tuesday that the priorities for Gaza were a ceasefire, delivery of aid, and preventing displacement of Gazans into Egypt.

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Precise characterization of a corridor-shaped structure in Khufu’s Pyramid by observation of cosmic-ray muons - Nature Communications

Khufu’s Pyramid is one of the largest archaeological monuments in the world, and still contains unexplored voids. Here, the authors use cosmic-ray muon radiography in multiple positions to precisely characterize one of these inner structures called the

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In milestone, Israel starts exporting natural gas to Egypt | The Times of Israel

Jerusalem's and Cairo's energy ministries issue rare joint statement announcing implementation of estimated $19.5 billion deal to pump gas from 2 massive offshore gas fields

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Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: Egyptian newspaper reminds readers that Ramadan is a great time for war

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

Politics | Hamas, Gaza & The Palestinian Authority

The Gaza Blockade: An Explainer | HonestReporting

Israel and Egypt have maintained a blockade of Gaza since Hamas seized control of the Strip in 2007. But what are the reasons for the blockade?

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In first since 2014, Egypt allows Palestinians to exit Gaza for Mecca pilgrimage

Officials say 800 visas granted to Gazans are the first since Cairo launched military offensive against jihadists in restive Sinai

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Supporting the new Arab-Israeli alliances in the Middle East is more important than the "Peace Process"--and T

Supporting the new Arab-Israeli alliances in the Middle East is more important than the “Peace Process”–and Trump Knows It

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Egypt Issues Ultimatum to Hamas on Cooperation with Iran

Israel Hayom has learned that Egypt has issued the Hamas terrorist organization’s political bureau chief Ismail Haniyeh an ultimatum.

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Experts open sarcophagus to reveal skeletons lying in soggy mess – GeekWire

Archaeologists have opened up a mysterious black sarcophagus in Egypt, and although they didn’t uncover an evil curse, they did uncover an evil-looking mess.

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Mysterious void in Great Pyramid of Giza could finally reveal how pyramids were built

A mysterious void has been discovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza and Egyptologists believe it could finally shed light on how the ancient tombs were constructed. The enigmatic gap, which is around 100ft long is situated directly above the Grand Gallery,

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New mummies discovered in tomb near Luxor, Egypt

The tomb, found by archaeologists near the city of Luxor, belonged to a goldsmith.

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Egypt’s Christians Say They Are at a ‘Breaking Point’

While Imam Mahmoud Gomaa, appointed to keep the peace between two faiths, blames journalists for exaggerating the problem, a local bishop says, “We are at a breaking point.”

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Gay and Transgender Egyptians, Surveilled and Entrapped, Are Driven Underground

A quiet crackdown by the country’s morality police has shattered what had been an increasingly vibrant and visible community.

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Something is off about one of Egypt's oldest and largest pyramids

The Great Pyramid of Giza, which was built for an Egyptian Pharaoh some 4,500 years ago, has been...

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Egyptian toddler sentenced to life in prison

A 4-year-old in Egypt was mistakenly convicted of killing three people, and it's a sign of a bigger problem with Egypt's justice system.

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Tel Aviv University Just Graduated an Egyptian Valedictorian. Watch his Speech. – Tablet Magazine

Last week, Tel Aviv University held its annual graduation ceremony for international master's students. The event unfolded like most of its kind, with the school's academic officials offering the assembled students congratulations on the occasion and wisd

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64 soldiers killed in ISIS attack on Egyptian Army's Sinai checkpoints

Islamic militants on Wednesday unleashed a wave of simultaneous attacks, including suicide car bombings, on Egyptian army checkpoints in the restive northern Sinai Peninsula, killing at least 38 soldiers, security and military officials said.

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Tensions aside, Israel and Egypt do booming business | The Times of Israel

The Qualifying Industrial Zone is just one of Israel's foreign trade success stories, says the country's top trade official

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Amnesty: Egypt forcibly evicted 1,165 families from Rafah by the Gaza border

In many cases, Amnesty said, residents were not given any official warning at all and heard from the media that they had 48 hours to leave their homes.

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WATCH: Egyptian academic demands Jews give back gold stolen during the Exodus

"We demand that they return the treasures they stole from us, including the interest they denied the Egyptian economy for many decades," political scientist tells Egyptian TV.