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Man dies after being struck by electric scooter in Venice

The victim died at the scene, according to the coroner’s office, which is still working to identify him.

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Electric scooters aren’t quite as climate-friendly as we thought - The Verge

Electric scooter companies like to tout their green credentials, frequently reminding riders that every two-wheeled trip they take can help reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change — but the truth is much more complicated.

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Electric scooters are inspiring lazy people to get creative - The Verge

The scooter craze sweeping the nation is now over a year old, which means its been around long enough to start producing its own distinct subcultures, including those who would prefer to sit while riding, the "lazy geniuses".

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The mad, twisted tale of the electric scooter craze - CNET

Betrayal, clipped brake cables and chop shops. And that's just in San Francisco.