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New Mexico's Martin Heinrich Embraced a Struggling Electric Bus Industry. Campaign Cash from Lobbyists Followed.

When Senator Martin Heinrich's chief of staff Joe Britton left his role, the New Mexico Democrat heaped praise on his former right-hand man, saying Britton would "continue to make a difference in the lives of everyone he meets."

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The War Against Cars

There cannot be much doubt that the switch to electric vehicles is part of a wider war against cars.

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Climate Expert: Gas Car Cancellation Is Intended to End Private Transport

A climate expert said the globalist push to replace gas cars with TVs isn’t about helping the environment but restricting Americans’ freedom of movement.

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Electric Cars Are a Scam

The left likes to treat skeptics of electrical cars as if they were Luddites. Truth is, making an existing product less efficient but more expensive doesn't really meet the definition of innovation.

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EVs are much heavier than gas vehicles, and that's posing safety problems

EV batteries are adding hundreds, even thousands, of pounds to existing vehicles. And that's problematic for traffic safety and infrastructure.

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5 Reasons Biden's Electric Vehicles Are A Boondoggle

President Joe Biden touted electric vehicles as the solution to climate change again Tuesday night during his State of the Union address.

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PODCAST: The Buffoonery of the Biden's & The Awakening of Gabbard

Last week, former US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a former Democrat from Hawaii, stunned her party by rejecting them, announcing that she had left the Democrat Party because of their intolerant and extremist ideology; an ideology centered in divisive racism and se

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California Asks Residents To Avoid Charging Electric Vehicles Due To Blackout Risk Days After Unveiling New Gas Car Ban

Days ago, officials in California unveiled a plan to phase out new gas-powered cars. Now, officials are asking residents to avoid charging their electric vehicles in the interest of not overwhelming the power grid.

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New Studies Find Electric Vehicles Worse For The Environment

Two recent studies have shown that electric cars have more quality issues than gas-powered ones and are not better for the environment. 

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A False Generation Shift

Anyone who thinks it through realizes that a complete shift to electric vehicles - given that less than 10 percent of our electricity comes from renewable energy - requires a robust fossil fuel industry. When you charge your EV you charge using 90% fossil

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Is It Immoral to Drive an Electric Vehicle?

Of all the crazy policies we see implemented around us, from decriminalizing theft to teaching children to change their 'gender,' perhaps the craziest is government's determination to force us to drive electric vehicles. EVs like the Tesla are perfectly f

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Why Our Self-Imposed High Gas Prices Are A Direct Threat To The People

Today the national average for gasoline hit $5 per gallon, translating to $65–$80 a fill-up for the average car. If you still need to be convinced that the pain you are feeling at the gas pump isn’t self-inflicted, courtesy of the Green Movement and t

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Is it ethical to purchase a lithium battery powered EV?

With most of the exotic minerals and metals to build EV batteries being mined in developing countries, is it ethical to support the environmental degradation and humanity atrocities occurring in developing countries?

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Bad software is turning some Mustang Mach-Es into ‘electric bricks’ - The Verge

Some early Mustang Mach-Es have a software problem that causes the 12-volt battery to die, making it impossible to start the electric SUV without jumping it — which is a process. Ford has come up with a fix, but only dealers can make it.

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Giving EV batteries a second life for sustainability and profit | TechCrunch

TechCrunch - Reporting on the business of technology, startups, venture capital funding, and Silicon Valley

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Are Electric Vehicles Really Better For The Environment?

Since the first modern electric vehicles took to the roads, critics have been quick to question the ‘clean’ label. With the amount of debate & misinformation troubling the waters, the facts behind the efficiency of electric vehicles have become cl

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Bill To Stop Keyless Ignitions From Killing Drivers Likely To Pass Or Force NHTSA To Act

A new bill forcing NHTSA to adopt a rule governing keyless starters on vehicles has a good chance of passing, or at least forcing the safety agency to act.

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Startup GBatteries claims it can charge an EV as fast as it takes to pump gas

A Y Combinator startup called GBatteries has come out of stealth with a bold claim: They can recharge an electric car as quickly as it takes to full up a tank of gas.

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Introducing Rapide E, Aston Martin’s first electric sports car

Aston Martin is finally sharing some specs and a couple of teaser photos of the upcoming Rapide E, the British automaker’s first all-electric sports car. The upshot: It’ll be fast and rare. The company will only make 155 of the Rapide E, whic

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Tesla Autopilot’s new radar technology predicts an accident caught on dashcam a second later | Electrek

Just a few weeks ago, we published a report about how Tesla’s new radar technology for the Autopilot is already proving useful in some potentially dangerous situations. We now have a new piec…