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Hot-Rod Warbird! P-51 Mustang Replica Takes Flight Thanks to Big-Block Chevy Power

Not all hot rods have four wheels and a steering wheel. Case in point this P-51 Mustang replica fighter plane with an all-aluminum, 540ci big-block Chevy.

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Boeing just patented a jet engine powered by lasers and nuclear explosions (BA)

With airplane makers constantly on the look out for new and more efficient ways to power their products, this laser engine is the latest idea cooked up by the engineers at Boeing. Modern airliners such as the Boeing Dreamliner are powered by multiple turb

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Propellentless drive tested by NASA could enable expeditions to Saturn - Houston Space news | Examiner.com

Debate is still ranging in physics and aerospace cycles over a pair of engine designs, the EMDrive and the Cannae Drive, that are alleged to provide some form o