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“Put the Microphone Over There On the Other Side of the Room Because I’m Going to Play Loud”: How Eric Clapton Took Volume to 11

Armed with a Marshall and a Les Paul, Slowhand pushed the envelope of guitar tone in 1966.

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He Don’t Lie: Eric Clapton Makes Quite the Statement About Vaxxed People

Legendary rocker Eric Clapton has been a staunch COVID-19 anti-vaxxer since his frightening experience with the AstraZeneca vaccine last year, which he called “disastrous.”...

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Eric Clapton pushes back on venues requiring COVID vaccines

Eric Clapton, one of rock's most vocal COVID-19 skeptics, says he reserves to right to cancel any show where vaccination becomes a condition of attendance.

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Jeff Beck Talks Eric Clapton Rivalry and What Motown Taught Him

Ahead of a new doc telling his life story, the guitar legend reflects on more than 50 years of work with everyone from Jimmy Page to Tina Turner

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Eric Clapton Talks Hendrix, Cream and Guitars at Home: Premiere

Guitarist sat down to discuss Guitar Center reproductions, but conversation goes deeper