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Eric Trump Rips Trump Org Indictment: 'Political Vendetta' Because They're 'Petrified My Father Will Run Again'

Thousands of man-hours, millions of dollars and endless investigations have proven one thing: Trump is the most honest businessman in NY.

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Eric Trump: Hypocrisy creates unlevel playing field in politics

The media attacks my family viciously while going easy on another family in the spotlight.

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Red Hen Restaurant Owner Defends Server Who Spit On Eric Trump At Chicago Cocktail Bar | Daily Wire

The owner of the Red Hen restaurant — the Lexington, Virginia, restaurant that booted then-Trump administration press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders last summer — has ridden to the rescue of a Chicago cocktail server who spit on Eric Trump last week, co

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Walk Away: Leftists Abuse St. Jude Family Who Thanked Eric Trump For Raising Millions of Dollars to Help Children With Cancer

Nothing is too low for leftists; they’ll even attack a family with a precious little boy battling cancer. A Memphis, Tennessee woman was on the receiving end of abuse from leftists after she decided to thank Eric Trump for donating and helping raise