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We must shun California's radical ethnic studies

The greatest danger of Jewish proponents of radical ethnic studies is that they end up supporting outrageous political positions completely at odds with traditional Jewish interests.

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Demanding transparency on antisemitic ethnic studies

We’ve asked a California Superior Court to compel Hayward Unified School District to answer the Public Record requests they’ve ignored.

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The Problem With Ethnic Studies Isn’t Just How It Treats Jews

People hold a sign during a demonstration against police violence and racial inequality in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., July 24, 2020. …

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Fourth Revision of Calif. ‘Ethnic Studies Curriculum’ Saturated with Critical Race Theory

Never wanting to be seen as not on the cutting edge of the educational abyss, California’s Department of Education has released a fourth...

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Describing Jews as 'Privileged,' California Ethnic Studies Curriculum Sparks Backlash

The latest draft of a state-mandated public school curriculum is generating concerns among Jewish groups, who say California's proposed ethnic studies agenda raises troubling questions about the treatment of Jews compared with other minorities. The draft