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Tsvi Bisk – Eurovision for Israel

Tsvi Bisk – Eurovision for Israel The upcoming 2024 Eurovision presents supporters of Israel, and decent people everywhere, to score a minor, albeit very satisfying, triumph over the Jihadi fanatics, academic hypocrites, and leftist antisemites now

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Israeli Eden Alene's Eurovision 2020 Song "Feker Libi"

Israeli Eden Alene’s Eurovision 2020 Song “Feker Libi” H/T Åri Agam is an Israeli translator and Wiwiblogger “Feker Libi” means My Love in Amharic. The other languages she sings in are Hebrew, Arabic, and English.   This is the Eng

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Ireland’s Eurovision Entrant Sarah McTernan Reveals Level of Abuse She Suffered at Hands of Israel Haters | Israellycool

The Irish Sun reports on the type of abuse Sarah McTernan, Ireland's Eurovision entrant, has been subjected to at the hands of Israel haters

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The Eurovision performance that would make John Lennon proud

Taking John Lennon's words to heart changed Eurovision for the better.

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Shalva Band - A Million Dreams Realized

Shalva Band – A Million Dreams Realized This week we witnessed – and the world witnessed right alongside with us – the realization of many a dream and the impact of inclusion. The Shalva Band took to the largest live music event in the

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What Eurovision in Israel Could Have Been

A 23 year old Jewish Israeli kid's thoughts on what should be taken out of this global event. In other words, what Eurovision could have been.

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The Eurovision PR Extravaganza that Israel Missed

With Israel hosting Eurovision 2019, our Jewish state had the most unbelievable opportunity to be a true light unto the nations, but we missed it.

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The Most Powerful Israeli Revenge Against the Nazis On German Soil

Israeli singer Ofra Haza was the messenger of the most powerful revenge against the Nazis by the Jewish State of Israel.

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REPORT: Palestinian Group Using Bots To Fake A Boycott Campaign Against Eurovision In Israel

Last month, the Israeli government released a report showing that Palestinian groups are using social media “bots” to grow a campaign to boycott Eurovision Song Contest 2019, which will be hosted in Israel.