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Nancy Pelosi slammed over so-called 'connection' with China: 'We are truly led by imbeciles'

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being slammed on Twitter after making comments about her so-called "connection" with China during her trip to the Indo-Pacific.

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Biden Promises To Replace Retiring Quarterback Tom Brady With A Woman Of Color

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Legendary quarterback Tom Brady has announced his plan to retire from the NFL to spend more time carving little wooden toys for his grandkids. In response to the earth-shattering news, President Joe Biden has announced his commitment to

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Biden indicates he pressured emergency room to fast-track a 'good friend'

President Joe Biden said he personally reached out to a hospital last night to ensure the wife of his “good friend” received immediate care because the "waiting room was so crowded.”

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Jake Sullivan Repeats Claim That Biden Admin Planned for 'All Contingencies' in Afghanistan

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters again that the Biden administration planned for "all contingencies" in Afghanistan.