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Lab-grown meat 'up to 25 times WORSE for the climate than beef'

Lab-grown or 'cultured' meat is up to 25 times worse for the climate than real beef, report experts at University of California, Davis.

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The Fake Meat Scam - CD Media

When you do shop for meat, look for a local organic farmer or Demeter (biodynamic) and American Grassfed Association certifications on the meat.

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Globalists Have Been Planning to Starve the World With Food Scarcity Since at Least 2015

The globalists have been planning a global famine that would collapse American society as early as 2015. This is according to Edward

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The Impossible Burger: Inside the Strange Science of the Fake Meat That 'Bleeds' | WIRED

The cook, complete with hair net, lays the red patty down on the grill and gives it a press with a spatula. And there, that unmistakable sizzle and smell. She flips the patty and gives it another press, lets it sit, presses it, and pulls it off the grill and onto a bun.