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Phone Data Suggests Fani Willis, Nathan Wade Lied Under Oath

Donald Trump's attorneys submitted a legal filing on Friday containing cellphone data suggesting Fani Willis lied under oath.

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One thing certain after Fani Willis' big embarrassment in the courtroom | Fox News

There's much for Georgia DA Fani Willis to be embarrassed by.

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Georgia Senate Republicans to Launch Investigation into DA Fani Willis’s Alleged Misconduct | National Review

Willis allegedly hired a former romantic partner to lead the Trump prosecution, a lucrative, taxpayer-funded position.

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Expecting a Response to an Email Is Racist, Trump Prosecutor Suggests in Leaked Emails

The district attorney prosecuting former president Donald Trump in Georgia suggested in an email exchange earlier this month that racism was at play when one of Trump's attorneys pressed her team for a response to his emails.

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Credit card statements show Trump special prosecutor appointed by Georgia DA Fani Willis bought her plane tickets

A Fulton County commissioner says he's pursuing an investigation into Willis over allegations that she had an improper relationship with prosecutor Nathan Wade.

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Clark’s Legal Team Demands GA Indictment Be Dismissed

For the crime of questioning the 2020 election, Willis wants to punish Clark 'with the full penal and coercive power of the State.'

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Fani Willis Has Evidence Exonerating Georgia's Alternate Electors

Fulton County DA Fani Willis possesses evidence exonerating Republicans she's targeting in her 98-page Georgia indictment.

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House Judiciary Probes Corrupt Georgia Prosecutor Fani Willis - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

The House Judiciary Committee is now opening an investigation into the corrupt Georgia prosecution of former President Trump.

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Georgia’s Fascist Fani Willis Targets Super Tuesday - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

District Attorney Fascist Fani Willis has set March 4, 2024, for her show-trial of former President Donald Trump to begin.

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GA Grand Jury Report Is Garbage Because DA Fed Them Garbage

Corporate media will unfairly brand Trump lawyers as possible perjurers, but in reality, it may have been the DA who deceived the grand jury.