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Netflix's ‘Farha’ and the Perils of Propaganda

What is the difference between art and propaganda? Well, among much else, propaganda tells you what to think. Art, meanwhile, is meant to teach you how to think—even to think for yourself. One result from that is that propaganda tells you that the world i

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Israel War of Independence veterans protest 'defamatory' Netflix movie

Five ex-soldiers demand streaming service immediately remove film depicting them and their comrades killing Palestinian children and babies in cold blood

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Netflix blocks controversial Nakba film for Israeli subscribers

The popular streaming platform informs Israeli subscribers that the title 'cannot be viewed in your country'; some who use English interface report film still available for them

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A Blood Libel on Netflix - Washington Times

On Thursday, December 1, Netflix will start streaming a blood libel.

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Ministers condemn 'terrible' Jordanian film about 1948 war slated to hit Netflix

Avigdor Liberman suggests withholding funding from Jaffa theater set to screen 'Farha,' which he says 'incites against Israeli soldiers'