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A New Wrinkle On 'Fear The Walking Dead' May Ripple Into The Mythology Of 'The Walking Dead' Universe

This week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, “Pablo and Jessica,” continued the good work in the Tijuana hotel introduced three episodes back. The hotel has many of the same advantages the prison had in The Walking Dead: It’s self contained; it h

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Did Fear the Walking Dead Just Change How Zombies Work?

Sunday's episode of Fear The Walking Dead, "Los Muertos," may have totally changed how zombies work in the Walking Dead universe.

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Burned Bridges and Compounds on 'Fear the Walking Dead'

On Sunday’s Fear The Walking Dead, everyone was reeling from Victor killing Thomas before he turned. With sympathy for the infected, Nick decided to help round up walkers and bring them safely to the compound. Nick responded, “When I was on the beach,

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Why Is 'Fear the Walking Dead' Bleeding Viewers In Season Two?

Fear the Walking Dead may be a ratings hit on AMC, but its numbers have been dropping steadily all season. Why exactly are viewers fleeing the show as time goes on?

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'Fear the Walking Dead' recap: Family matters complicate a return to land

While the crew of the Abigail hoped they could set off for the safety of open waters, they quickly ran into the threat of danger on the high seas,...

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Newest Fear The Walking Dead Trailer Is Action-Packed

AMC has been slowly premiering footage for Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead , and a new teaser was just released that contained the most action and walkers yet.

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3 Questions to Ask About 'Fear the Walking Dead's New Teaser Trailer

A teaser trailer for AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead' arrived last night, and we're so excited! The teaser is unfairly short, running only 10 seconds. Still, the action-packed teaser is long enough to make us wonder a few things. There&#x

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'Fear the Walking Dead': Showrunner Dave Erickson on What to Expect in Season 1 (and 2)

'Fear the Walking Dead' showrunner Dave Erickson talks to Yahoo TV about the focus and goals of Fear’s first season, and the anti-Brady Bunch-ian blended family at the heart of Fear’s unfolding apocalypse, and even hints at where the show will go in

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So, What Exactly Is Fear the Walking Dead About?

Fear the Walking Dead, AMC's companion show to its monster hit The Walking Dead, premieres on August 23. But save for an extra word in the title, what makes this show different from the original? Turns out, a lot!