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I Never | LynneCurryAuthor.com

I’ve never harmed a living creature. I’ve never tied thread to a butterfly’s wings or pulled a daddy longlegs’ center from his wriggling legs. Thirty years ago, Ma gave birth to me on a rotting cloth cot strung up in a leaking tar paper shack in t

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The Most Anticipated Crime Fiction of Summer 2023 ‹ CrimeReads

While it is Northern malarkey that summer begins in June (it’s been hot in Texas, where this editor lives, for months now), it is appropriate for a summer preview list to begin in the first o…

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The Best Tudor Historical Fiction

Five of the best Tudor historical fiction books, as recommended by the historian and historical novelist Alison Weir

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Intriguing magazine focused on stories that illuminate ethical issues | Workplace Coach Blog

Compelling short stories with an ethical punch.

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Just for Fun | Workplace Coach Blog

Just for fun, a poem with humor; when do you figure it out?

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Warner Bros. being sued because the Conjuring movies aren’t based on real facts · Newswire · The A.V. Club

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Does Truth Still Exist, or Are There Just Alternative Facts?

Kellyanne Conway, advisor to President Trump, introduced a new term into most people’s lexicon: “alternative facts.” What does this phrase tell us about what it means to be human?

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Empathy by the Book: How Fiction Affects Behavior

The mental calisthenics required to live inside a fictional character’s skin foster empathy for the people you meet day-to-day. And, surprisingly, not all types of reading have the same effect.

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JK Rowling is giving us three new books set in Harry Potter world

When Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released, a small but hilarious subset of fans reacted with fury when they discovered that the “

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10 Times Marvel Copied DC's Superheroes

Marvel has become known as the “House of Ideas,” but some of those ideas seem strikingly similar to characters and stories from their distinguished competition. Here are 10 times that Marvel appeared to copy DC!

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Kong: Skull Island director promises 'the biggest Kong that you've seen on screen' | EW.com

Beloved mega-ape King Kong has a cinematic history stretching back 83 years. But director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who’s helming next year’s reboot Kong: Skull Island, promises bigger things ahead for the character. In an exclusive image from the film sh

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New Data Analysis Suggests Only Six Book Plots Exist

Everyone who secretly thought that all novels have the same plot can feel vindicated by new research supporting that suspicion. Sort of.