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Israel conducts first test of autonomous flying taxi

Israel hopes autonomous drones will help to ease its traffic problems, as well as give Israeli companies a competitive edge.

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Boeing Eyes Israeli Company’s Patented Propulsion Tech For ‘Flying Vehicles’

The American aerospace multinational signed an agreement with Tactical Robotics, a subsidiary of Urban Aeronautics, to explore opportunities to develop and market its patented tech for light aircraft.

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Ride & Fly: US-Israeli Startup To Begin Testing Flying Vehicle In 2020

New Future Transportation, based in California and with an R&D center in Israel, recently unveiled the design of its electric, autonomous flying vehicle, the Aska. | NoCamels

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Husband-and-wife duo sets sights on flying cars over San Francisco next year

New Future Transportation (NFT) is developing an electric car prototype with wings that aims to solve congestion and also be affordable at $50,000