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Elimination Diet and Food Challenge Test for Diagnosing Allergies

Elimination diets: When should you consider cutting things out of your diet to see if your symptoms go away? WebMD explains.

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The 8 Most Common Food Allergies

Most food allergies are caused by just 8 foods. This article explains what they are, what symptoms they cause and what you can do about it.

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Video on Chronic Hives: Can an Elimination Diet Help?

If you suspect certain foods trigger your hives, you’ll want to write them down and check with an allergist.

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Adult-Onset Food Allergies Increasing, Confusing

Forty-eight percent of the adult population with a convincing food allergy reported developing at least one as an adult (they may have had others as a child)

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Food Allergies vs. Intolerances: What's the Difference? - Cooking Light

The two terms tend to be used interchangeably, but knowing how they differ can help you manage your symptoms, prevent potential nutrient ...

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Why peanut, food allergies have become 'almost epidemic

Among children, allergies to peanuts and other types of food continues to climb, but experts say there is some progress in controlling or preventing life-threatening reactions.

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Allergy 'vaccine' suppresses the allergic response to peanuts in mice

There may be hope on the horizon for food allergy sufferers in the United States -- at least, those that are mice. Scientists reported on Wednesday that they successfully tested a new allergy "vaccine" in mice with peanut allergies. A potential

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8 Food Sensitivities You Need To Know About

I have seen the healthiest foods flare up one person and yet be great food medicine for the next person. Here are the most common sensitivities you should know about.

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Learning to Live With a Child's Allergies

You read every ingredient in everything you buy. You come to know certain products so well that when they get a new ingredient, it’s like a friend getting a haircut.