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PODCAST INTERVIEW: Freedom of Religion?

For what amounts to a lifetime, the ideological Left has created the myth that neither politics nor religion should be discussed in "polite company." But the fact of the matter is this. Because our society has fallen for this spiritual hobbling because th

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Alito Sets Deadline For New Jersey To Respond In Religious Freedom Case

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has given New Jersey until Dec. 3 to respond to a case brought against it by a church and a synagogue that allege the

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PRAGERU: You Can’t Be Free Without This

In a new PragerU video, Kelly Shackelford, president of First Liberty — the nation's largest legal firm dedicated exclusively to protecting individual

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Chicago Police Bang On Church Doors To Stop Services, Film Everyone Who Arrived

The pastor of a Chicago church said multiple police cars and a government representative showed up at his church on Sunday demanding services end. Pastor Courtney Lewis of Cornerstone Baptist Church told Todd Starnes on his eponymous radio show that he wa