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Study: What Americans really think

The best predictor of private behavior is private opinion.

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Florida Law Allows College Students to Record Lectures, Mandates Viewpoint Diversity Survey

A new Florida law allows college students to record class sessions for potential complaints about professors who violate their freedom of expression.

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States taking lead to counter Big Tech assault on conservative speech

As of Feb. 5, 18 states had introduced some form of legislation to ensure that political views aren't suppressed by Big Tech, said the Heartland Institute's Cameron Sholty.

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Exclusive: Victor Davis Hanson on Impeachment and the ‘Cancer’ of Woke Ideology

Tonight, we sit down with classicist and historian Victor Davis Hanson to discuss the rise of critical social ...

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Prager: The 'Good American'

The Democrats, social media, and the media are using the Capitol riot as the Nazis used the burning of the Reichstag -- to crush all opposition.

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Political Correctness Is a Tool for Socialist Censorship and Thought Control

The effects of political correctness can be found most clearly where the concept originates: under the Chinese Communist Party.

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Have You Noticed the Left’s Destruction of Freedom of Speech?

Conservative viewpoints are being framed as out of the mainstream, out of touch and at worst hate-speech in Obama's America. The American left, with a good deal of help from the biased press, is succeeding at almost criminalizing speech. Have you not