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Easy Fried Rice (Better Than Takeout Fried Rice) | Princess Pinky Girl

This easy Fried Rice recipe tastes better than any Chinese takeout! It is a super easy recipe with ingredients that you likely have already in your pantry! 

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Best Fried Rice Recipe - How To Make Perfect Fried Rice

Fried Rice from Delish.com is the best thing to make with your leftover rice.

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Japanese Fried Rice - Yakimeshi - Pickled Plum Food And Drinks

No Teppanyaki grill top needed to whip up this simple, umami loaded Japanese Fried Rice recipe. Easy to make and ready in 18 minutes from start to finish!

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Thai Combination Fried Rice Recipe

This dish is loosely based on Thailand’s ubiquitous fried rice dish, kao pad Usually some kind of animal protein accompanies the rice — squid, crabmeat, ham, chicken, whatever the cook has on hand My version relies instead on tofu and vegetables; the

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Rachel Schultz: Better-Than-Takeout Chicken Fried Rice

Here is my version of this classic dish – not that I have any claim to being an authority on what is “authentic” Chinese food. I am an authority, however, on what is super incredibly yummy.

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Better Than Take-Out Fried Rice

We love fried rice! This is a quick and easy version that I believe comes from Pampered Chef.

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Ginger Fried Rice Recipe

This recipe comes to The Times from the fertile mind of the chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten Like all fried-rice dishes it begins with leftover rice (freshly cooked rice is too moist to fry well) It’s jasmine rice here, but white from Chinese takeout work