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Martha Stewart’s Fried Chicken Recipe Review | The Kitchn

Find out how to make Martha Stewart's famed fried chicken recipe.

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24 Fried Chicken Recipes You Need to Try

These fried chicken recipes include oven-fried chicken, buttermilk fried chicken, and air-fryer fried chicken, plus more fried chicken recipes.

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Fried Chicken with Crunch – Garden & Gun

An unconventional secret to perfectly crispy fried chicken

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The ultimate fried-chicken crawl in L.A. Here's where to go

The goal was to hit as many female-run restaurants serving fried chicken in a day as possible. We made it to 10.

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The Best Fried Chicken in America

American fried chicken is a celebration of our diversity — from Southern-fried drumsticks to Korean chicken wings to Milanese cutlets to KFC buckets.

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Deep South Dish: Cuban-Style Creole Fried Chicken - Pollo Frito a la Criolla

Bone-in chicken thighs, marinated in a classic sour orange with onions, and a paste of garlic, oregano, and cumin, then pan seared and gently simmered

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The 35 Best Fried Chicken Restaurants In America

Whether you're craving a sandwich, Korean wings, or the classic Southern preparation, we've rounded the fried chicken spots across the United States.

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Buttermilk Fried Chicken | Brown Eyed Baker

This ultra-crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken recipe makes beautifully golden fried chicken that's extra juicy on the inside.

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Best Darn Chicken Tenders

Love these tenders... I've made many tender recipes, but this is my favorite... flavorful, tender and crunchy... these would be wonderful to serve for your Superbowl party... they're already on my list... enjoy!! Photos are mine

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Snoop Dogg's Fried Chicken Recipe With Potato Chip Batter

The batter for this crispy, golden fried chicken from rapper and culinary star (have you seen <em>Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party</em>?), Snoop Dogg, has the most delicious secret: potato chips. Use any potato chips you like—sour cream and onion, ja

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Picnic Fried Chicken | Cook's Country

Packing up cooled fried chicken to take on a picnic sounds like a grand idea. But in our experience, the sun shines, the kids play—and the chicken turns soggy. Unless...

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Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Whether it's Sunday dinner or a special meal with friends, you can never go wrong when you serve Buttermilk Fried Chicken. For this recipe, chicken pieces are marinated in buttermilk which adds extra tenderness and flavor

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Michael Symon's signature fried chicken gets extra crispy from a secret ingredient

Michael Symon serves his signature fried chicken super juicy and extra crispy.

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Fried Chicken Recipe: The Best Fried Chicken Recipe You will Ever Make

This recipe is my all time favorite. This is perhaps the Best Fried Chicken recipe you will ever make. This is so crispy and fully packed with flavours.

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Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken

With this buttermilk-soaked version, F&W’s Grace Parisi has perfected fried chicken.

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Succulent Fried Chicken, uncomplicated ingredients, flour, milk, salt and pepper, enhancing the flavor of fried chicken without overpowering it, a salt water brining is the key.

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How to Make Fried Chicken

For a remarkably simple dish, fried chicken can be controversial. There are debates over brining the meat (yes, you should). People argue over what starch is used to coat the chicken, about the fat used to fry it, about the temperature at which it cooks.

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Food truck report: Peaches' Smokehouse & Southern Kitchen

This city is currently experiencing an obsession with fried chicken. If we’re being specific, it’s actually an intense love affair with fried chicken sandwiches — larger-than-life, can’t-quite-fit-my-mouth-around towers of crispy fried chicken th

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The Best Fried Chicken in Los Angeles | KCET

There are so many varieties of this American classic. Whether you prefer them coated in a sweet chili sauce or paired with tabasco maple butter, there's really something for everyone's fried chicken cravings.

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The Whisperer in Echo Park is finally open, with ribs and fried chicken

The corner of Echo Park Avenue and Montana Street in Echo Park is finally buzzing again.&nbsp;Restaurateur Dion Antic, known for his many bar concepts in Chicago (Harry's Velvet Room and Iggy's, to name a couple) has opened the Whisperer, a&nbsp;n

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10 places to go for great fried chicken in L.A.

People feel very strongly about their favorite fried chicken. When you find good fried chicken, you dream about it. You think about it until it's in your hands. And then, in addition to shoving it in your mouth as fast as you can, you may feel the need to

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Driving Colonel Sanders: The Little-Known Link Between KFC and Maker’s Mark

In the summer of ’55, Colonel Harland Sanders was a relatively unknown retiree in Corbin, Ky., with a fried chicken recipe, some spices, and a dream.

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Recipes for the Perfect Kentucky Derby Party

Originally created as a filler for tea sandwiches , this cheese spread is great as a dip with Ritz crackers and celery sticks. <a href="https://www.ya

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Where to Get the Best Fried Chicken in Chicago

A finger-lickin’ taste test of eight city spots reveals a lot of great options—and one place that’s truly sensational.