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Pet dog learns how to use home surveillance camera to beg for treats

In a heartwarming display of intelligence and adorable antics, a dog in Chicago, USA named Pecan has become an internet sensation after her owner captured a video of her waving on a home camera on 25th April, 2023. The footage, shared on social media by u

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Guy Sets Up Hidden Camera To Catch Dog’s Hilarious New Nighttime Routine

Nala loves making her dad happy, and when she learned a new trick that he absolutely loved, she refused to stop doing it.

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106 Great Danes Who Don't Understand How BIG They Are (New Pics) | Bored Panda

Friendly, social, and charming, these floppy-eared loveable dogs are considered by some to be the perfect match for families.

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Owner Tells Dog He Gave All The Treats To The Cats, Over 200M Have Seen His Hysterical Reply

Well, it all started when the dog owner was teasing his dog about where the food treats from their meat drawer went.

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People Just Can't Get Enough Of This Adorably Unique-Looking Dog - The Dodo

"Some people think I used a permanent pen to draw his eyebrow or Photoshopped his face."