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7 Tips for Growing a Native Plant Garden

Planting native flowers, shrubs, and trees instead of ornamentals or plain grass around your home has a number of long-term environmental benefits.

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What are possums good for? Here's why you may actually want them in your yard

If you've ever wondered, "What are possums good for?" ... well, you're not the only one. These strange-looking creatures don't have the best reputation. In fact, they're known for being pretty vicious...

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Types of poppies – 16 of the most beautiful annual varieties to grow

Gardening expert reveals the best easy-to-grow annual poppies to suit every style of garden and a wide range of colorful planting schemes

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10 Must-Know Tips for Growing Tomato Seedlings to Plant in Your Garden

Growing tomatoes from seed is easy with these tips to keep your seedlings strong and healthy.

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5 Lawn Care Tips To Keep Your Yard Looking Beautiful All Season Long

Maintaining a healthy yard right now may seem like a huge chore, but it doesn't have to be. Here are easy lawn care tips for the fall season.

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Planning a Garden from Scratch: Notes from Designing a Painter’s Garden

I usually seek out design challenges, but when faced with planning a garden from scratch, I felt overwhelmed.

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How To Create Your Own Patio Vegetable Garden

If you live in a high-rise apartment, you might feel like your gardening options are few and far between -- but that's where vegetable microgardening comes in.

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Protecting plants in a heatwave – 10 expert tips for combatting heat

If extreme heat is playing havoc with your garden, these expert tips will protect plants in hot weather

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How to fertilize with Epsom salts – according to experts

Knowing how to fertilize with Epsom salts will make gardening seamless this season – and experts including Bobby Berk agree

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Landscaping with evergreens: 12 clever ways to make an impact with your planting

These expert ideas for landscaping with evergreens reveal the best ways to use this crucial element of garden design

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Here Are the Fastest-Growing Shrubs for Your Garden

Here are the best, fast-growing shrubs to plant in your garden, when you want things to look lush pronto. From hydrangea to aronia, these plants will have a huge (and speedy) impact on your yard.

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The Monarch Butterfly Needs Your Help: How to Plant Milkweed and Nectar Plants

How can I help the monarch butterfly? An invertebrate biologist helps me sort out fact from fiction, including which type of milkweed to plant and where to find it.

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Ideas for Lighting Your Garden at Night

Learn how to light a garden or outdoor living space to prolong the time you spend in it.

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How to Embrace Nature in Your Own Backyard

Simply stepping outside to take in the fresh air can do wonders for your energy, your focus, and your stress levels.

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The 10 Most Photographed Gardens Around the World

From the New York Botanical Garden to Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, here are the horticultural locales that visitors love to photograph.

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5 best bee-friendly flowers for a small outdoor space or balcony

Want to make your outdoor space a bee-friendly environment, but not sure where to start? Here are five of the best flowers to plant no matter what size space you’re working with.

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Top 10 garden and outdoor décor trends for 2021

It’s the year of the pergola! Also the cedar hot tub, the re-wilded front yard, edible gardens and more.

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6 Shows to Stream If You Love Gardening!

Whether you're looking for landscaping inspiration or simply want to level up your backyard game, here are six shows to watch if you have a love for gardening.

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Favorite Autumn Gardens from Garden Photo of the Day - FineGardening

Fall is often a favorite time of year for gardeners. Winter is dreary. Spring is frenetic, filled with garden chores. Summer is hot, and we’re constantly worried about if we […]

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10 Drought-Tolerant Shrubs - FineGardening

Because we are constantly faced with the challenge of drought, we have committed ourselves for the past 15 years to identifying traits in shrubs like drought tolerance and performance history in addition to their natural attraction. Here are the standout

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10 Things Nobody Tells You About Starting a Vegetable Garden

You've finally decided: a vegetable garden is in your future. Congratulations are in order because you could fill a basket with all the benefits of growing

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Woman waters plant for two years before realizing it's fake

Caelie Wilkes' dream of being a nurturing plant parent died on the vine when she realized the succulent she'd been tenderly tending for two years was a fake. She recounted her botanical boo-boo Friday in a viral Facebook post.

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15 Tips to Make Seed-Starting Easier - FineGardening

Starting Seeds Starting seeds is an easy and affordable way to get more plants, but getting them off to a good start can be tricky if you’ve never done it […]

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Autumn Pots Minus the Mums - FineGardening

Forgo fall’s most overused plant for a more sophisticated design

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15 Ways to Make a DIY Vertical Garden

A vertical garden can be a perfect solution for a small porch, apartment, or any small space. Here are 15 ways to make a DIY Vertical Garden.

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Gardening: 12 Best Fruits, Veggies & Herbs To Grow In Containers For An Endless Supply Of Free Food

Gardening: 12 Best Fruits, Veggies & Herbs To Grow In Containers For An Endless Supply Of Free FoodIf you love fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs but don’t want to always drive to the grocery store to get them, consider container gardening. It is a rapi

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12 Principles of Garden Design

These universal principles have become the set of tools I use to create gardens that embody all the key elements of the world’s greatest landscapes but are scaled to each individual’s s…

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The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Tomatoes - Southern Living

Tomatoes are some of the most popular plants to grow, whether in containers or your yard. With proper care and maintenance, you can have an abundance

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7 Foolproof Products to Help You Grow a Garden Inside Your Home

You don't need to take a master class in gardening to grow fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables in your home. Here are a few indoor gardening systems to help you get started.

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Plants for a Wow-Worthy Container - FineGardening

So many of us love to look at all the beautiful colors, textures and shapes of plants in the garden center, but we have a hard time visualizing combinations. Don’t …

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4 ways to get your plants to water themselves

Keep your plants healthy while you're away with these methods.

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10 Garden Ideas to Steal from Denmark - Gardenista

Danish gardens are refined, with quiet style and an emphasis on structure, form, and foliage. Here are 10 garden ideas to steal from Copenhagen and the surrounding landscape:

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10 Ideas to Steal from Organic Gardens Around the World - Gardenista

Organic gardening by definition makes everything happier. Instead of growing plants with the help of harsh chemical fertilizers and pesticides, organic gar

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This city fights crime with gardening | Science | AAAS

Picking up trash and mowing vacant lots makes Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, neighborhoods safer

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7 ways you can grow food in spaces you never imagined possible – The Denver Post

With a little creativity and care Coloradans are growing gardens in some unexpected places.

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How to grow stuff: everything the novice gardener needs to know | The Telegraph

If I were to plot my journey as a gardener, it would start with a basil plant from Tesco.

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11 Ways to Keep Houseplants Happy in Winter: Gardenista

Are your potted plants looking a little desperate? Winter's a waiting game; here are 11 ways to keep them happy until spring arrives.

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Spray This Simple Mixture And You Will Never See Weeds In Your Garden Again! | TheHealthology

Weeds are the most common, unwanted, and uninvited guests in the garden or yard, which steal the nutrients and place of our plants. Yet, not all of you r...

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Gardening Inspiration: how to style a small town garden  | The Telegraph

In our Gardening Inspiration series we've been exploring beautiful and unusual gardens and offering tips to help you achieve a similar aesthetic at home.

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10 Tips on How to Turn You Garden into a Real Paradise

Your garden should be viewed as an opportunity to create a slice of paradise you can call your own, and here are some tips to help your out.

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Heirloom Potato Varieties

Learn all there is to know about planting seed potatoes, warding off potato pests, gently harvesting your spuds and storing these rare heirloom potato varieties.

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Allotment gardening 'can boost mental well-being', according to study - BBC News

Spending time gardening in an allotment can improve mood and self-esteem, a university study says.

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Best ferns for a low-water garden

These luxuriant ferns don’t need to drink a lot to be happy. Get our tips on the best types to plant and how to care for them

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10 Incredible Things Inside Botanic Gardens Across the Country

These botanical gardens are filled with not-so-ordinary things.

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[Images] Innovative expanding origami pots designed to cut waste! | 1 Million Women

These pots grow as your plant does, saving time and promoting sustainability.

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10 for 10: Best Garden Picks on Etsy's Tenth Anniversary: Gardenista

When three college friends created online crafts marketplace Etsy in 2005, their inspiration was Grandma's clutter. In honor of Etsy's 10 anniversary this month, we've cut through the clutter. Here are our top 10 Etsy picks for gardeners:

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10 Plants Never to Grow in Your Yard

View the 10 Plants Never to Grow in Your Yard photo gallery on Yahoo Homes. Find more news related pictures in our photo galleries.

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Hardscaping 101: Design Guide for Edible Gardens: Gardenista

There's a reason more than half of all gardeners plan to grow edibles this year. Food you grow tastes better, is healthier for you, and fills you with a quiet feeling of pioneer satisfaction. Actually, that's a lot of reasons. Our Design Guide f

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4 Great Gift Books for the Garden Lover

We are just swimming in new garden books that are knocking our socks off. We didn’t have room for all of them in our December gift guide, so here are a few more to choose from. Happy shopping/reading/gardening! Cultivating Garden Style (Timber Press

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What’s Inside a Dandelion?

Although plenty of folks have dismissed dandelions for their plain exterior, savvy investors know it’s what’s inside that counts. Turns out the milky white sap in dandelion stems is latex, the building block of rubber.

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24 surprising plant combos

What happens when a plant biologist and a landscape artist team up to create a garden on a California hillside? Surprising plant combinations at every turn