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GoFundMe shuts down 'Freedom Convoy 2022' fundraiser

GoFundMe announced on Friday that it has yanked the "Freedom Convoy 2022" fundraiser from its crowdfunding platform.Trucks and other vehicles have been engaged in the blockading of streets in Ottawa, Canada, according to Reuters.During a press conference

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After Years of Caring for and find homes for Cats, Cancer Patient's Home In Danger Of Foreclosure

I have recently come into incredibly hard times.  I was diagnosed with … Cheryl Orlinsky needs your support for Cancer Patient's Home In Danger Of Foreclosure

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Therapy for schizophrenia

Nick has been on the street due to schizophrenia; He is a very bright and loving 40 year old with whom I have been having lunch with, twice a week for the past 3 months. Nick’s Heart  opened up and he is willing to receive professional help. Nick inher

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How GoFundMe Is Redefining The Business Of Disaster Relief

Families in need used to look to nonprofits and government. Now they can raise their own funds in record time–assuming they have a click-able story.

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Help River get the Surgery he Needs by Shelly Baer - GoFundMe

Help River get the Surgery he Needs by Shelly Baer - River came into our lives 5 years ago.  He was rescued from a bleak parking lot after he was abandoned by his mother.  River chose me.  As soon as I picked him up he was kissing me and climbing on me

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When a woman realized her Uber driver was an Olympic dad, she decided to send him to Rio.

Thanks to a chance meeting, American shot-putter Darrell Hill will have a friendly face in the crowd.

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Support Best friends with a GREAT idea!

We're Josh Namm and Charles Haspel. We've been best friends for over 30 years. A few years ago, a few friends of ours were sending us links to articles when we thought