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Journey with Joan Baez | Gokhale Method Institute

Feeling happy after a lesson. If you ask Joan Baez what keeps her in good enough shape to do worldwide musical tours at age 78, she will hand you a little brown card that says “Esther Gokhale, Creator of the Gokhale Method.”My wooden business card.

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Why Does the Oldest Chinese Buddha Figure Slump? | Gokhale Method Institute

 The oldest surviving Chinese Buddha figure shows surprisingly slumped posture. Note the forward head, absence of a stacked spine, and tucked pelvis. He would not look out of place with a smartphone in his hand!This surprisingly hunched Chinese Buddha fi

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Posture and Pregnancy: A Report | Gokhale Method Institute

During my first pregnancy in 2011–12 I had — compared with other women — only a little trouble; I felt relatively fit. At the time, the occasional pain in my lower back and my permanent shoulder/ neck pain seemed normal because I had suffered them s

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Holiday Health (Posture Tips) | Gokhale Method Institute

The holidays are upon us and ‘tis the season for cooking, cleaning and entertaining. You may find yourself especially reliant upon your body as you enjoy the added festivities. We want to help keep you safe and healthy with some seasonal posture tips! S

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How to Text with Good Posture | Gokhale Method Institute

There’s nothing inherently problematic about the activity of texting from a posture point of view. The problems arise because we have poor habits in how we hold objects in front of us, how we read, and also because what’s on our cell phones tends to b

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Choosing a Bed | Gokhale Method Institute

Students often ask me if there is a particular mattress that is in line with the Gokhale Method. While I do have a few suggestions, the most important part of lying down is how you do it. Stretchlying on your back or side to put some extra length in your

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Making Flat Feet Into Arched Feet

Growing up as Esther’s third child, I was lucky to have been brought up with my posture (almost entirely) intact. The weak spot was my feet. Despite Esther’s encouragement (and sometimes nagging) to wear healthy shoes and sandals, I was pulled by the

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How to Lose Weight By Changing Your Posture | Gokhale Method Institute

There are several ways the Gokhale Method helps a person lose weight. I discovered this benefit of the method from students reporting back to me that they had lost 10 pounds without changing anything other than their posture. This happened frequently enou

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Man’s Best Friend for Posture, Part I | Gokhale Method Institute

One of the great strengths of the Gokhale Method is that you learn it doing practical activities, like sitting and walking; you then practice it during your day-to-day life. Regular tasks like driving the car and household chores, and leisure activities l

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How to do Pull-ups with Healthy Posture | Gokhale Method Institute

Our company’s deepest goal is to support people in being more sturdy in the world. Posture is a key ingredient for this, as is fitness. It’s commendable when people take on a fitness regimen of any kind; the companion undertaking needs to be to learn

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Ancient Secrets to Relieving Back Pain - Senior Americans Association

Back pain is a big deal. It will affect almost every American over the course of their lifetime, and in many cases, it goes on to become chronic and untreatable. Back pain drives up the dependency of painkillers, it causes loss of sleep, loss of work, and

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Improve posture with these exercises and banish back pain forever

Giving a sore back the flick can be easy and cheap – and it only takes these five steps.

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5 Common Posture Myths

Actually, posture is key to optimal health. Just as a building needs a solid foundation and structure to remain strong in wind, rain, and earthquakes, so does your body. Proper alignment of the…

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How to Not Sway Your Back in the Shower

As your mother always said, practice makes perfect. Luckily, every day you are presented with countless opportunities to perfect your posture while sitting, walking, sleeping and…showering. Yes, that…

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Is Your Stretching Regimen Helping or Harming You?

The Gokhale method is one of the most powerful tools we have found for keeping our bodies in shape. It facilitates correct posture that is essential for health and proper functioning of all organs in the body. And once you learn this simple method, your daily movements support your body and reduce pain.

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These Glutes Are Made For Walking

The Gokhale Method is a powerful core strength building and easy to implement tool into your daily life. It improves posture effortlessly, simply, and in a very time and cost effective way. I highly recommend the program! It is the most powerful workout I have found in a very long time. I love it.

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How to Strengthen Your Feet | Gokhale Method Institute

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The 4 Best Moves for Stronger Abs

Most people miss the mark when it comes to training their abdominals. They either do countless sit-ups and crunches, putting their lower backs at risk of injury, or they ignore core training altogether because they think compound exercises like squats and

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Lost Posture: Why Some Indigenous Cultures May Not Have Back Pain

There are a few populations in the world where back pain hardly exists. One woman thinks she has figured out why, and she's sharing their secrets. Have Americans forgotten how to stand properly?