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10 PGA Tour stops you can play in 2022-23

You may not be able to hit it like the pros, but you can play at a number of the same courses.

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Watch Florida golfer refuse to let approaching alligator ruin his concentration

Video shows Florida golfer refused to let an approaching 7-foot alligator foil his shot at 10th hole of Punta Gorda’s Heritage Landing. It happened June 26.

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Are you standing over the golf ball too long? A new study has some answers

In today's Play Smart, we're nerding out over the results of a new golf study from GOLF Top 100 Teacher Eric Alpenfels.

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1 surprising warm up mistake is costing golfers both distance and accuracy

Follow a more dynamic warmup routine, then pair that with a range warm up, and you'll be getting your heart pumping in a way that will help your golf.

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Swing By Numbers: New Study Unlocks 6 Swing Secrets | Golf Digest

GolfTEC tested 30,000 players to find out what makes a great swing great

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Why you should always aim for the middle of the green (not the pin!)

Aiming for the middle of the green isn't just safe, it's a statistically smart play. And if it's good enough for PGA Tour players, it's good enough for you.

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Golf equipment truths: How to know when you should consider irons geared for a better player

Golf equipment truths: Here are some quick tips to follow when considering making a purchase on a set of irons geared for a better player

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Four short-game shots every pro has mastered, and how you can, too - Golf Digest

Tour pros make these four short-game shots look easy. Here's how you can add them to your repertoire

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21 times a hole-in-one absolutely doesn't count

Aces are great fun, but not every hole-in-one counts as an ace, even though golfers would love to claim them. Here are the unwritten rules.

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How to make the putts you know you should make - Golf Digest

When you're putting inside four feet, it should be automatic -- but you still miss some, right? David Leadbetter has the keys to help you.

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PGA Tour trainer: This is an underrated secret to hitting the ball longer - Golf

More strength isn't always the key to hitting your ball farther. In fact, it can often hurt you. Just ask this GOLF Top 100 Teacher.

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Best Apps For Golfers - Golf Digest

Whether you're looking to kill time in a waiting room or track your favorite pairing, the best smartphone apps make the job faster, easier and more immersive.

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Golf Mental Game Tips: What is your golf personality type? - Golf

Looking to improve your golf mental game? We've got some tips for you, and it all starts with understanding what personality type you are.

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What you should copy—and what you definitely shouldn't—from a tour player - Golf Digest

For every feature of a tour player's game worth mimicking, there are several you should intentionally ignore

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Simplify Your Tee Shots - Golf Digest

Get your swing on plane and feel the proper motion.

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Golf’s most beloved figure, Arnold Palmer, dies at 87 - Golfweek

Arnold Palmer, a seven-time major winner who brought golf to the masses and became the most beloved figure in the game, died Sunday.

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Golfer Uses Hammer Club, Hose Pipe Club and Longest Driver for Trick Shots

There have been golf trick-shot videos done in the past, but there are probably very few that are as creative as golfer Karsten Maas ' latest video. Many trick-shot videos involve complicated shots and/or teamwork...