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Benefits of Using Online Booking System for Your Tee Time

It seems like online scheduling systems are the way of the future. It makes the transition to cloud-based tools inevitable if you want to grow your business.

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One 'disturbing' habit holding back amateur golfers from getting better

Speaking at GOLF's Top 100 Teachers Summit, Matt Killen said there's 1 thing limiting amateurs from playing better golf. And it's an easy fix.

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Are you standing over the golf ball too long? A new study has some answers

In today's Play Smart, we're nerding out over the results of a new golf study from GOLF Top 100 Teacher Eric Alpenfels.

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Golf equipment truths: How to know when you should consider irons geared for a better player

Golf equipment truths: Here are some quick tips to follow when considering making a purchase on a set of irons geared for a better player

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Four short-game shots every pro has mastered, and how you can, too - Golf Digest

Tour pros make these four short-game shots look easy. Here's how you can add them to your repertoire

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21 times a hole-in-one absolutely doesn't count

Aces are great fun, but not every hole-in-one counts as an ace, even though golfers would love to claim them. Here are the unwritten rules.

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How to make the putts you know you should make - Golf Digest

When you're putting inside four feet, it should be automatic -- but you still miss some, right? David Leadbetter has the keys to help you.

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Golf Mental Game Tips: What is your golf personality type? - Golf

Looking to improve your golf mental game? We've got some tips for you, and it all starts with understanding what personality type you are.

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Simplify Your Tee Shots - Golf Digest

Get your swing on plane and feel the proper motion.

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Hank Haney: When you should putt and when you should chip from off the green - Golf Digest

Hank Haney explains when you should keep your wedge in your bag from off the green. Here's a tip on how to learn the speed.

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Here's a golf workout you've probably never thought of trying (and definitely can't pull off) - Golf Digest

Here's an unorthodox golf workout you've probably never thought of trying (and definitely can't pull off)

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5 Fundamentals To Better Golf - Golf Digest

Simple tips to score from LPGA Tour rookie Mariah Stackhouse.