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Grassley Couldn't Question Whistleblowers Because He Knew Too Much

It's no wonder whistleblowers want to talk to Sen. Chuck Grassley: They have no stauncher advocate in Congress.

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Grassley: I've Seen The Whistleblower Doc The FBI Is Hiding

Wray won't turn over documents because he says he wants to protect sources -- but it seems the FBI is actually trying to protect the Bidens.

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Grassley Confirms: FBI Cried 'Russian Disinfo' To Protect Bidens

'I know the FBI falsely labeled that evidence as Russian disinformation to bury it,' Sen. Chuck Grassley said.

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Grassley: Chinese-Government Front Company Paid Biden for Work Done While He Was VP | National Review

The Iowa Republican’s explosive allegations, made in a letter sent to Biden administration officials last week, warrant a proper, unbiased investigation.

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Grassley's Questioning Of Wray Suggests Bigger Biden Scandal

Four exchanges proved intriguing and potentially insightful in Sen. Grassley's questioning FBI Director Wray during a Thursday hearing.

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Chuck Grassley to Chief Justice John Roberts: You Rebuked Trump -- but Sat Silent Through Obama's Abuse | Breitbart

Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) noted that Chief Jusice John Roberts did nothing when President Barack Obama attacked the Court.

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New Documents Reveal CIA Spied on Congress, Whistleblowers

Newly declassified documents reveal the CIA spied on Congressional staffers as well as whistleblowers.

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Sen. Chuck Grassley: Sentencing reform bill will fight crime | Fox News

In the 1980s, with our nation facing an influx of drug crimes, Congress passed into law stiff penalties targeting all levels of offenders. The goal was to deter crime through harsh sentences.