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Democrats' HR1 election bill boosted by liberal dark money group financed by foreign national

A liberal dark money group bankrolled by a Swiss foreign national is spending big on lobbying for Democrats’ election overhauls that include H.R. 1, filings show.

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Ted Cruz goes on epic tirade against “worst legislation ever considered”

At a Senate Republican press conference, Sen. Ted Cruz went off on Democrats' "For the People Act."Stay ConnectedForbes on Facebook: http://fb.com/forbesForb...

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H.R. 1 is Emblematic of the Crisis of American Democracy - American Greatness

There is no evidence at all after 60 days of the new administration, of any disposition to collaborate with moderate Republicans in a centrist response to the…

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Opinion: The Founders Warned Us About Abuses Like H.R. 1

Commentary H.R. 1, the bill that would seize control of federal elections from the states, comes with an ...

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15 Insane Things In Democrats' H.R. 1 Bill To Corrupt Elections Forever

Here are just some of the unconstitutional, absurd, nakedly partisan, and crime-indulging provisions in this elections bill that 220 Democrats voted for.

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H.R. 1 Is a Partisan Assault on American Democracy | National Review

Democrats seek to bend the power of the federal government toward crushing political opposition.

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HR 1 is an existential threat to American democracy - The Spectator - news, politics, life & arts

On Wednesday night, Nancy Pelosi dragooned all but one Democrat into voting for her total rewrite of the nation’s election laws: HR 1

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Pelosi Pushing HR1 Election Bill Through House Without Hearings, Few GOP Amendments

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat majority House pushed their HR1 – “For the People Act” – to the House floor Tuesday, allowing for...

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Why The Democrats’ 'For the People Act' Is an Unconstitutional, Authoritarian Power Grab | National Review

The Republican-controlled Senate will almost certainly block Democrats' election-reform bill from becoming law.