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FAFO: Sonoma State President on Leave for INSUBORDINATION After Anti-Israel Email

 Perhaps some sanity is being restored in the campus protest. Mike Lee, president of Sonoma State University in California, is on leave following an email he sent. One that announced a deal with campus protesters that included an academic boycott of Israel.

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48,000 California Student Workers Vote to Strike Due to Protest Crackdowns

 If you want to see what happens when the inmates are running the asylum, just wait until the 48,000 graduate student teaching assistants, researchers, and other student workers go on strike at the 17 University of California schools.

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The Woke Jihad

In April, a long-haired flower child on the campus of Princeton University was captured on camera. The picture, posted on social media, shows him sitting on his guitar case, guitar

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Knockoff Nakbas

The nakba-ization of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the process of historical revisionism by which the accurate and documented history is replaced retroactively by a lab-grown narrative favored by activists and

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Jerry Seinfeld's Commencement Address Sparks Walkout by Antisemites at Duke University

 Jerry Seinfeld is by no means the most political or controversial actor/comedian out there, but when he took the stage at Duke University's commencement ceremony, it ultimately caused a chorus of "boos" and pro-Palestinian chants, as well as a walkout by students.

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At MIT, Administrators Allow Unlawful Encampment To Displace Lawful Israeli Independence Day Event

In the run-up to an annual Israeli Independence Day celebration at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, university president Sally Kornbluth assured student organizers that an unauthorized anti-Israel encampment—located in the same area where the Je

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Northwestern Administrators Sign Resolution Calling for Boycott of 'Terror' State Israel

Northwestern University administration officials and faculty members signed a resolution demanding that the school cut ties with Israel, calling the Jewish country a "terror" state and accusing it of "one of the most atrocious and monstrous sieges in mode

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NYU 'student' at anti-Israel protest praises North Korea for supporting Palestinians

A young woman was filmed at a New York University anti-Israel protest over the weekend praising North Korea’s support for Palestinians and their “shared struggle” against oppresso…

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Anti-Israel Protester at UCLA Encampment: ‘We Don’t Like White People’

A pro-Palestinian woman outright denounced “white people” at the UCLA encampment in Southern California. 

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UC Riverside Strikes Deal with Pro-Palestinian Mob, Violates California Anti-BDS Law

UC Riverside gave in to the "encampment" and may divest from Israel and boycott Sabra hummus. But the deal violates California's anti-BDS law.

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Inside the College Democrats’ antisemitism problem

The group’s national leadership refused to support a draft statement in response to anti-Israel protests that included a standalone condemnation of antisemitism

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Pro-Palestinian ‘Encampment’ Demands Boycott of Jewish Groups at UC Santa Cruz

SJP at UC Santa Cruz has issued starkly antisemitic demands that include the university severing ties with Jewish community organizations.

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FTC Chairwoman Linked to Organization Supporting Columbia Protests

FTC Chairwoman Lina Khan has ties to a Marxist-organization that has supported the pro-Palestinian protesters at various universities.

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WSJ: Pro-Palestinian Encampments Trained for ‘Months’

The Wall Street Journal reports that many of the pro-Palestinian activists in campus "encampments" around the nation trained for "months."

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Harvard Commencement Speaker Published Editorial Likening Israel to Hitler

Harvard's commencement speaker, media CEO Maria Ressa, published an editorial that compared Israel after Hamas's October 7 terrorist attack to Nazi Germany and accused the Jewish state of "targeting" news reporters in an "unprecedented attack on journalis