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12 Heart-Healthy 20-Minute Dinners for Weight Loss

In just 20 minutes or less, enjoy one of these heart-healthy dinner recipes that are low-calorie and high-fiber to help you meet your goals.

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The Best Tomato Sandwich to Make All Summer Long

This classic tomato sandwich features a lovely combination of sweet juicy tomatoes and herby cream cheese.

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10+ Heart-Healthy Breakfasts to Help Reduce Inflammation

These breakfast recipes are heart-healthy and packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients like fruits and veggies to help you start your day off strong.

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10+ Low-Carb, High-Protein Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

These low-carb, high-protein vegetarian dinners are tasty and nutritious options for tonight.

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Chickpea Spinach Curry

Welcome back to Plant-Based Basics! This chickpea spinach curry is a fantastic recipe to have in your arsenal, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cook. Being able to create a rich and flavourful

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20 Low-Carb, High-Protein Dinners Ready in 3 Steps or Less

If you're looking for low-carb, high-protein dinners that don't require cooking for hours, these recipes got you covered. These dinner options are ready to serve in 3 steps or less so you can meet your nutrition goals easily.

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Healthy Vegetarian Chili Recipe

This Vegetarian Chili recipe is utterly delicious, super healthy, and packed with vegetables, pantry staples, like beans and tomatoes-- and is filled with smokey flavor!

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Sheet-Pan Garlic-Soy Chicken & Vegetables Recipe

With just one sheet pan, you can whip up this tasty, filling dinner of chicken thighs, snap peas and peppers coated in a savory garlic-soy sauce.

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Irish Whisky Glazed Salmon Steak

Irish Whisky Glazed Salmon Steak Home Top Featured, Ideas, Low Carbs, Meal Prep, Seafood Built in the Kitchen; Sculpted in the Gym.

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32 Heart-Healthy Snacks with 100 Calories or Less

Sometimes you just need a quick bite to help power you through the day, and this mix of snacks is sure to have something you'll love. Whether you need a batch snack you can make for the whole week or a dip everyone can dig into between meals, these recipe

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35 Healthy Breakfasts You Can Make in 5 Minutes

These recipes make it easy to start your day with a healthy breakfast, no matter how busy you are. With breakfast-friendly staples on hand like yogurt, whole-wheat bread or frozen fruit, you can whip up delicious toasts, parfaits or frosty smoothies in no

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Mirin & Soy-Glazed Salmon Recipe: A Quick Asian-Inspired Salmon Recipe for Fish Night

Healthy salmon fillets get a quick soak in a Asian marinade and then are quickly pan seared for a flavor-packed dinner. Serve this easy salmon recipe with...

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Sheet-Pan Gnocchi with Summer Vegetables

Did you know that gnocchi doesn’t need to be boiled? I did not, until recently. The texture is different—a little more chewy and the outside gets nice a crispy—but equally delicious. The vegetables provide so much flavor, and the burst tomatoes coat the gnocchi creating a light sauce. A shaving of parmesan over the top just brings the whole thing home.

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20+ Low-Carb Mediterranean Dinner Recipes for Summer | EatingWell

These healthy low-carb dinner recipes feature staples of the Mediterranean diet. These dinner recipes are perfect for summer.

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Our 20 Most Popular Recipes from 2020 for Weight Loss

To help you reach your goals, we compiled our most popular recipes for weight loss from 2020. These main and side dish recipes are packed with nutritious vegetables and low in calories. You’ll also get a boost of fiber, a nutrient that can help you feel f

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Purple Cabbage Salad with Apple, Mint, Lime & Grapefruit - Cabbage-Based Salads

This salad was tart and refreshing and surprisingly popular when I made it for friends.

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113 Vegetarian Meals - Cooking Light

Our healthy and hearty main dishes will have you swooning–sans meat.

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Marinated Cucumber-And-Tomato Salad Recipe | MyRecipes

This easy cucumber and tomato salad tastes like summertime in a bowl. The dressing is light and zingy from the vinegar, the cucumbers and onion are so

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Simple Vegan Veggie Pizza Wrap

With the vegan veggie pizza wrap, you will get everything healthy and mouth watering in one dish. You will have the vegetables, pizza and the wrap all along your dish. You can also prepare this one for your small gatherings or occasions. This is not going to make you fat or increase your cholesterol level because it is healthy to eat and easy to make.

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Pasta With Lemon, Herbs and Ricotta Salata Recipe - NYT Cooking

Here's a light, brothy pasta with chicken stock, lemon zest, mint and ricotta salata that Amanda Hesser brought to The Times in 2001 It's easy yet elegant; perfect for a impromptu weeknight dinner party If you can get your hands on a Meyer lemon, do so an

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The Sweets To Eat When You're Giving Up Refined Sugar

Craving sweets but don't want to eat sugar? Check out some of our no-sugar dessert recipes we can't seem to get enough of.

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IdealFit Lean and Healthy Recipes

Tasty, fit recipes using IdealLean Protein, BCAAs, and Pre-Workout! Add Variety to your meal plans with recipes like gummies, shakes, cookie bites, and MORE.

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11 Crazy-Beautiful Pomegranate Salads - Hungry Crowd | Food & Wine

Winter salads can be drab. That’s where jewel-like pomegranate seeds come in. Brightly colored and bursting with tart, tannic flavor, the seeds are total saviors when it comes to dressing...

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What to Do with an Overload of Peppers - Marinated Pepper Salad

You picked so many peppers, you should be called Peter Piper. Learn how to use them, starting with Yotam Ottolenghi's marinated pepper salad.

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White Bean Dip

Get Martha Stewart's White Bean Dip recipe. Also browse hundreds more test kitchen-approved food recipes and cooking tips from Martha Stewart.

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Citrus Yogurt Cake!

Discover how to make a simple yet delicious citrus yoghurt cake. It's a wonderful recipe if you are looking for something to make with children.