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Dr. Li-Meng Yan Reveals CCP Plans to Spread Hemorrhagic Fever Bioweapon Via Olympics

Sponsor: https://zstacklife.com/freedom After doing over 350 interviews in my career, I rarely get shaken by a guest. That rare event occurred today when I interviewed Dr. Li-Meng Yan. She told me thi

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Has a New Chinese “Xi’an City” COVID Variant with Ebola-like Symptoms Escaped China? – The European Conservative

The CCP is little more than an international crime syndicate with political affectations. Knowing what is going on in China is dependent on sifting through their official lies, deflections, and 'dezinformatsiya.' The fact is, we just don’t kn

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Hemorrhagic Fever In China: Should U.S. Athletes Participate In Olympics? - UncoverDC

Hemorrhagic fever outbreak in Shanxi China causes worry over whether U.S. athletes should travel to Beijing Winter Olympic games