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Chabad rabbi says alleged July 4 Chicago shooter entered his synagogue on Passover

Rabbi Yosef Schanowitz, whose house of worship is near the site of Monday's shooting in heavily Jewish Highland Park, says he sternly asked Robert Crimo to leave

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Parade shooting suspect bought 5 weapons despite threats

The man accused of opening fire at an Independence Day parade in suburban Chicago legally bought five weapons, including two high-powered rifles

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BREAKING: Police Were Told In 2019 That Parade Shooter Vowed To ‘Kill Everyone,’ Did Not Arrest Him

Authorities revealed Tuesday afternoon that the suspect who allegedly shot dozens of people at a parade on Monday had a history of run-ins with law enforcement officials.

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Highland Park Preservation | 6 Rise of the Inner City | Departures | KCET

The transformation of Highland Park's landscape from single family homes to high density apartments spurred some local residents and preservationists to act to protect the heritage of this historical Arroyo Seco community.

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Lower Arroyo | Nature | Highland Park Field Guide | KCET

The Lower Arroyo Seco presents a beautiful terrain for relaxation. Head up the street to the Gamble House, one of the premiere Craftsman homes in the area. Also, the Nature Park includes a fly casting pond and archery range.