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Modern Interpretations of Old Hollywood

The Galerie Sakura in Paris presents a collection of images strongly inspired by Lynch, Hitchcock and Hopper. Titled « American Dream – L’esthetique Ol

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The Birds actor Rod Taylor dies aged 84... as former co-star Tippi Hedren pays tribute to her 'great pal'

The legendary actor passed away from natural causes on Wednesday, his representative told People.

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Kim Novak tells all - Telegraph

Kim Novak fought with fearsome studio bosses, tussled with Alfred Hitchcock, and went toe-to-toe with James Stewart. But after scaling the dizzy heights of Vertigo, she landed safely – a long, long way from Hollywood

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Explore Hitchcock’s obsession with eyes in this supercut · Great Job, Internet! · The A.V. Club

Alfred Hitchcock is most often remembered for his use of suspense, his cameos, and his icy blonde female leads, but a new video offers up another Hitchcockian trope: eyes. Visual essayist Kogonada—who often highlights directors’ stylistic choices—illuminates Hitchcock’s fascination in a new video for The Criterion Collection.