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Ancient and Natural Remedies to Alleviate Stomach Bloating and Acid Reflux | The Epoch Times

A few moments of self massage and simple teas can take the place of over-the-counter stomach medications.

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How Stress Causes Gray Hair

A new study shows that stress really can give you gray hair. Researchers found that the body’s fight-or-flight ...

Health & Fitness | holistic health

What to Know Before You Take Herbal Supplements

Not all herbs and supplements are safe, especially if you have certain medical conditions or take some drugs. Find out which ones you may need to skip with the help of this WebMD slideshow.

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Tennessee Medicaid Has Mental Health Providers Coordinate Patients' Medical Care : Shots - Health News : NPR

Tennessee's innovative Medicaid program is offering bonuses to mental health providers who help make sure their Medicaid patients get preventive help and treatment for physical ailments too.

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Removal of Obstacles with Reiki | Reiki Rays

Obstacles come in all shapes and sizes. Find in this article how Reiki helps to assist us with forgotten or un-noticed obstacles that we experience.