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Scientists are developing interactive holograms you can touch and feel

An immersive, realistic 3D holographic projection of a complete environment that you could interact with and even touch may soon be here.

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Researchers Create Free-Floating Animated Holograms That Bring Us One Step Closer to Star Trek's Holodecks

Back in 2018, researchers from Brigham Young University demonstrated a device called an Optical Trap Display that used lasers to create free-floating holographic images that don’t need a display. That same team is now demonstrating a new technique that al

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The Roy Orbison Hologram Is Not As Creepy As You’d Think

Roy Orbison, who is dead, is touring as a hologram, but it’s not as creepy or Lynchian as you might expect — in fact, Lynch has already made a Lynchian version of Orbison, and it’s better.