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This Chart Shows When It’s OK To Leave Kids Home Alone

Leaving your child home alone for the first time is a fairly major milestone in a parent’s journey. As the mother of two young kids, I’m glad this moment is still several years away. Still, like most parents, I wonder: At what age is it OK

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Did Monica and Chandler From 'Friends' Move Into the 'Home Alone' House? | Mental Floss

Despite living in two separate states, Monica and Chandler somehow wound up in the same house as the McCallister family.

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What Kevin McCallister's Awful Family Is Doing Now | Mental Floss

Here’s how they've been keeping themselves busy since they were last seen harassing poor Kev.

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Everything Macaulay Culkin eats in the Home Alone movies, ranked

No one eats pizza in a limo like Kevin McAllister. NO ONE.