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Hundreds of migrant caravan members found to have US criminal histories: DHS files

Hundreds of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the southern border as part of massive migrant caravans were found to have criminal histories in the U.S., according to newly obtained Department of Homeland Security documents.

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Patent Granted for Anthrax Elimination System

In addition to the patents held for healthcare-based enclosed space disinfection applications, Medizone International, Inc. has now been awarded a patent for its government variant of AsepticSure, intended for use by defense agencies as a response to a bi

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Medizone International Company Profile

Medizone International company data, news, contact details and stock information. Triatomic Oxygen (O3 or ozone), is the first layer of atmospheric protection interfacing the vastness of the cosmos with Planet Earth. Ozone's healing propertie...

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Ebola epidemic: medical and military technologies converge to diagnose and treat sufferers - E & T Magazine

Medical and military technologies are being adapted to fight the spread of Ebola. What are these technologies How will they help advance the diagnosis and treatment of this epidemic

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New Canadian disinfection system could be key to winning war on superbugs that kill thousands | National Post

The product pumps contaminated rooms full of antiseptic vapour, theoretically reaching every nook and cranny and letting no bacteria live on to infect again