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Here Are the Damaging Stories About Democrats That Got Killed, Thanks to House Chaos

 If there’s one thing that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) did with his motion to vacate, it’s nuking many stories damaging to Democrats out of the news cycle. Gaetz followed his promise to usurp Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as Speaker of the House over the stopgap measure that kept the government open.

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Dem Leader Hakeem Jeffries Defended Anti-Semites Who Praised Hitler, Called Black Conservatives 'House Negroes'

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D., N.Y.) once claimed he had only a "vague recollection" of and hadn't looked at the anti-Semitic speeches made by his uncle in the 1990s, but a 1992 editorial by the Democratic leader uncovered by CNN shows he defe

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McCarthy’s political operation spent millions on lawmakers now opposing his speaker dreams

The GOP leader's PAC donated directly to many, and the super PAC aligned with McCarthy spent heavily backing several rebels in past battleground races.

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Report: Boebert, Gaetz, Perry Told McCarthy They Don’t Mind if Democrat Hakeem Jeffries Wins Speakership

Some House Freedom Caucus members reportedly told Kevin McCarthy on Monday they don't mind if Hakeem Jeffries wins the speakership.

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'Not Something I Want to Do': Trump Says He Is Not Interested in Becoming Speaker of the House

Former President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he does not have any desire to take House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) place as the leader of the chamber should Republicans retake