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These 6 Dust-Busting Houseplants Could Reduce the Need for Your Most Dreaded Chore

Houseplants have many benefits, and trapping dust is another accolade to add to the list. These are the five best plants to add to your home if you want to dust less

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This “12-Step Cleaning Plan” Will Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

Read more about this bathroom cleaning plan that lays out the best methods for getting this spot sparkling clean.

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Toilet paper mega-brand introduces ‘cutting edge’ design: Find out what it is | Fox Business

A well-known toilet paper brand has announced a new design in its popular household item. Charmin said the new "smooth tear" toilet paper will be a better experience for consumers.

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You Should Keep a House Diary

A record of your home can save you if you need to match a paint color or make an insurance claim.

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Sales of heat pumps are rising. We answer your heat pump questions. : NPR

Sales of super-efficient electric heat pumps are rising in the U.S. But what are heat pumps? And why do some call them a key climate solution?

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How to quickly fold a shirt

Incredible demonstration of how to fold a shirt super fast.

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The 9 Best Cat Pee, Odor, and Stain-Removal Products of 2023 | Tested by The Spruce Pets

We tested the best odor and stain-removal products on the market so you can clean up after your cat

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The Everyday, Eco-Friendly Actions That Save You Money at Home

Small household changes—like cutting back on meat, embracing a wilder yard, and even repurposing your empty jars—can cut costs and add up to help our planet recover from generations of damage.

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What's the Best Way to Get Grease Stains Out of Clothes? | America's Test Kitchen

There's nothing worse than a grease stain on your favorite shirt. Read on for three essential steps for removing these stains.

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51 Cleaning Basics You Shouldn't Wait To Learn

Once you get just <i>one</i> of these things done, you'll feel so much better.

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The Reason You Shouldn’t Kill the Spiders in Your House, According to an Entomologist | Mental Floss

Even if you don’t usually see them, spiders are likely always in your house. And they’re paying rent, sort of.

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Amazon Products That Make Life Easier

These are some of the best deals you can find on Amazon right now that can make life even easier at home.

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Non Toxic Oven Cleaning Using Easy Ingredients

Clean your oven with non toxic ingredients. Easy to do and doesn't require deep scrubbing.

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19 Creative Household Inventions That Will Make Your Life Easier

There is nothing more annoying and boring than the inconveniences in living conditions and difficulties that involves the maintenance of the home. Therefore, people always dream about a tidy and clean house, more living space, more cabinets, better organi

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11 Household Uses of Ammonia

While it is not completely harmless as a basic ingredient for house cleaning, ammonia is milder than many synthetic cleaners. If you use natural...

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You’re Probably Using the Drawer Under Your Oven Wrong

You might be storing your pans in a drawer meant to keep your food warm.

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Best air-purifying houseplants, according to NASA - Curbed

Based on research back in the ‘80s, NASA recommended one air-purifying plant for every 100 square feet of space. Here are its healthiest picks.

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Get the last bit of shampoo out of the bottle with this relieving invention

Researchers from The Ohio State University are on a mission to remove one tiny frustration from our lives with their latest invention.

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Original Patent For Perforated Toilet Paper On A Roll Solves Over Vs. Under Debate Once And For All – Consumerist

After pitting loved ones and enemies alike against each other for what feels like all of human existence, it seems we may finally have a definitive winner in the "over vs. under" toilet paper drapi...

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19 hacks to make your life easier around the house

A list of household lifehacks to make your time at home more enjoyable.

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How to fold a shirt in under 2 Seconds

How to fold a shirt under 2 seconds. This step by step guide shows you how to fold a shirt very quickly. Works on all short sleeved tops including t-shirts and polo shirts. Great tutorial and easy to learn.