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PODCAST | The Bluster That Is Biden’s COVID Emergency

Listen now | Before we get into this segment of The Captain’s America: Third Watch, I want to say a couple words about the lead piece over at UndergroundUSA.com, We Won’t Get Fooled Again: I Will Not Comply. We talk about that in this segment as well.

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Florida homeowners upset by ‘insulting’ Hurricane Ian insurance payouts

More than a quarter of all closed insurance claims in Lee County have been denied, leaving tens of thousands of property owners in financial ruins.

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The Psychological Effects of Being Displaced By a Hurricane | Well Good

Experts in disaster recovery share the many psychological effects of being displaced by a hurricane, plus key solutions to mitigate them.

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PODCAST | The Storm We Can See Is Only The Beginning

In this two-part episode I tackle a few subjects because, as they say, when it rains it pours, and we just had one of the worst storms in American history. In the first segment, Matt Bruce and I talk on The Captain's America: Third Watch about Hurric

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PODCAST | This Ian Isn't The James Bond Author

If you live in Florida or on the Southern or Southeastern coasts of the United Sate long enough you are going to be in the crosshairs of a hurricane or tropical storm. Those living on Florida's west coast up into the Big Bend east of Tallahassee are

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PODCAST: The Devastating Results of Mother Nature & Bad Decisions

As Hurricane Ida begins to pass into the history books it is important to remember that the seriousness of the situation is still upon those affected. All that water has to go somewhere and the rule of thumb is "safety first." We wish that would have been

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Tropical Storm Eta Approaching South Florida With Flooding, Strong Winds; Hurricane Warning Issued | The Weather Channel - Articles from The Weather Channel | weather.com

Eta will impact Florida, then stall in the Gulf. Here's our latest complete forecast briefing. - Articles from The Weather Channel | weather.com

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Hurricane Arthur puts a damper on July 4 celebrations

Residents and vacationers in North Carolina’s outer banks are preparing for the storm.