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Gut Bacteria Could Hold the Key to Treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Australian researchers have isolated five strains of beneficial gut bacteria that may lead to the development of new ...

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Kids who get a half-hour of sunshine daily have significantly lower risk of IBD later in life

Here's another reason to get your kids outside every day: a new study finds that children who spend at least a half-hour a day in the sunshine have a significantly reduced risk for developing either inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) later in life.

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Study: Strawberries Improve Colon Health, Reduce IBD Symptoms - Study Finds

Strawberries are more than scrumptious. Researchers have found that eating just a few of them each day may improve gut health and relieve inflammation associated with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

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IBD/TIPP Poll: Americans Give Trump An 'A' For Economy

A new IBD/TIPP Poll suggests Americans aren't just more optimistic about the economy, but that groups not known to be Trump-friendly in their politics are among the most optimistic of all.

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Pet Probiotics | Probiotics for Dogs & Cats

Probiotics for dogs and cats boost pets' immunity, support digestion, aid metabolism, improve nutrient production and absorption, and promote oral health.

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What The Latest Research Really Means For Crohn’s Disease

We must view all of these findings through the lens of understanding the greater picture of the overall microbiota health.